Kamille Dawn Tirzah

Bio: Hi Beautiful Getting Fit, Rich and Happy Friends! I'm Kamille former fatty turned fitness, weight loss, diva, and life coach expert who went from being depressed, obese, and beat-down from life, to turning everyhing around! I lost 100 pounds resulting in being seen by millions of people aroud the globe on the cover of People Magazine! It was like a dream come true! Within the same week, I flew back to New York City to sit next to Robin Roberts of Good Morning America and was interviewed on what I did to lose the weight. My face was blastered on Entertainment tonight and to be honest, I never would have thought that making such an accomplishment would get so much attention. I didn't go seeking this attention, it just came. People really wanted to know what it took to lose such a substantial amount of weight without surgery or other crazy methods. I did it naturally. I share the main principles in my book titled, FAT CHICK TO COVER MODEL. Pick it up on Amazon Kindle. It's really worth the read. Thousands of people have bought the book and it has really helped them. It's been several years since I dropped the pounds. I must admit, it is takes focus to keep the weight off. It's the demands of like: work, money, relationships, and more taking so much time and energy that its easy to put off doing what is necessary to be continually healthy and happy. I have discovered that the demands of life and the responses to life's demands: work, money, time, relationships and all this brings up can prevent a life of abundance, healthy and happiness to be explosive. Fit, Rich & Happy explores these areas to help expand higher thoughts, clearer visions and greater expectations for a life that feeds your passions. When your passions are well feed, your money grows, you can stay fit and heathy and you have more love and happiness in life. FIT - We all want to be healthy and feel our best. We want our best appearence to go before us and to have tons of positive energy to reach and meet our goals. RICH - Money, wealth, abundance and supply. Having all that we need to meet everyday life demands is very important. Everything in the world revolves around monetary exchange. The more wealth more freedom. More choices. More to give. More to receive. HAPPY - Love, peace, joy, fullfillment comes from so many sources; friends, loved ones, family, spirituality. Our emotions create our thoughts. Our thoughs form our beliefs. Our beliefs drive our actions. When we are happy everyone around us knows it! We smile more, give more, create more. The more we can be happy, the more we can attract the things that make us happy. I'm learning what it takes to keep my body fit and trim. I am not always perfect because I am still growing just like you. You are strongly invited to follow, sign-up for instant email blog-drops, and to leave comments. I thank you for reading. Love, Kamille

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