MY Big Fat FAT-LOSS Discovery!!

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I was working with Dr X, can’t give his name, due to confidentiality, and he was a true genius at weight loss (very few doctors know about real weight loss). I thought I knew all there was about teaching my clients and patients how to lose weight, but I did not know this one thing that could totally turn your body into a fat burning machine!


He taught me that I needed to focus on losing a FAT!! Not weight! It dawned on me that he was right! I didn’t know why I had not figured this out earlier. I knew about fat loss, but not completely nor did I have neither the scientific knowledge nor the articulation to convey this information to my patients, other than how important it was to get enough protein in the diet to lose weight effectively.

I knew it was important to make sure you get the RIGHT kinds of nutrients to lose weight faster, but I didn’t know how to measure the results effectively enough and the scales I had in the medical office were not the right kind to give me that information.


I got more than amazing results with my patient BEFORE I knew this secret, but afterward, the results were more consistent with each patient and I could ‘fine-tune’ adjust, modify someone’s plan FASTER, MORE EFFECTIVELY, with results that were mind boggling!!


One patient had been at a plateau for months. He wasn’t following the secret I shared with him because he didn’t believe he could eat that much food and still lose weight…or lose FAT. He wasn’t convinced it would help HIM. I showed him the results I got with other patients, but he just couldn’t grasp it for himself until finally one day he was tired of the stalemate results of following his own way.


After following my program for 12 weeks he lost a total al 33 fat pounds!!! Fat only, not his muscle, or organs, or bone or other vital body tissues! He went from a body fat percent of 36.70 to 27.25. He had a total of 91.76 pounds of fat on his body and was down to having only 58.59 and some of that fat was healthy fat that he could keep…he was almost at his goal and it shocked him!


Another patient lost 7 pounds in 3 months according to her at home scale, but using the information from the FAT LOSS Secrets, she really lost a total of 12.5 pounds body fat and gained 4.6 pounds of lean muscle which she needed to gain anyway because her muscle weight was too low making it hard to lose weight.


They both lost fat without starving, giving up all the foods they love, and without feeling like they were on a diet.

That’s why I love the program I developed so that you can get the same results at home working me your coach! I always suggest people seek medical supervision when losing weight, yet you still have to know for yourself because not all medical weight loss programs are safe, just because it’s under the roof of a physician’s office.

In addition, focusing on just losing fat is not the total answer either! You have to take a holistic approach…a mind, body, soul approach otherwise you won’t really be changing our mind. You body can’t change for good unless it undergoes total mental transformation.


The Lean Body Principles is a program I created to help you lose fat weight fast!


Want more information? Contact my inbox and I’ll be glad to answer your questions?

My Heart to Yours..Coach Kam





4 thoughts on “MY Big Fat FAT-LOSS Discovery!!

  1. Awesome story! Way to go doctor X !

  2. That is the way all doctors and personal trainers should go by, Bodyfat checks. If your not eating right and you lose muscle mass then your “weight” will go down but it’s not a good thing! The Trainer

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