What Your Poor Doctor Just Doesn’t Know

“Dear Coach Kam,

I want to start a weight loss program, but I’m very apprehensive. In the past, I tried a program where I lost about 30 pounds.   When I stopped the diet, I gained the weight back quickly, and not only that, I gained more! I’m totally devastated. I went to my doctor for help and all he suggested was to eat less. But, I know it is not that simple. I’ve tried it and eating less doesn’t work.   I don’t know what to do.  Please help!”


Dear Belinda,

You are not alone; your experience is unfortunately the norm in weight loss program trends.  Most diet books today are written by doctors each claiming their diet is the solution to America’s obesity problem, yet they all focus on one thing: weight loss. What they don’t understand is there’s a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. The goal of these diets is to reduce the number you see on the scale.  However, that number you see glaring at you, almost jokingly, is only one number. Your body is made up of more than just one number. Your body’s weight can be reflected  in a combination of numbers and when analysed properly will make your journey to thin easier, more satisfying, and permanent.

Another thing the medical and insurance industry focuses on Body Mass Index or BMI.  BMI is determined by using your height, weight, and sex. However, BMI does not take in consideration fat%, a more accurate measure of health.  Excess body fat creates risk of diabetes, elevated LDL and triglycerides, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Excess fat also produces inflammatory substances in the body effecting joints, arteries, and organs.

To correctly track your journey to lean and to move toward a healthier body, you must know the difference between weight loss and fat loss.  The difference is critical and as different as apples and oranges.

The explanation can be summed up into what I call, The Lean Body Principles.  I’ve discovered that in order to lose body weight from fat effectively and to keep it off permanently, there are several principles that when done in a systematic way will feel like you’re not on a diet and starving, you get to eat real food, your body will have a different more lean toned appearance, and you will have the mind-set that will super-size your efforts!

One of the Lean Body Principles involves first identifying your body composition. Your total body weight is composed of fat, bones, muscle, body tissue, organs, and water. All these numbers added together give you the total number you see on the scale.  In addition to knowing these numbers, knowing another important measurement called your Basel metabolic Rate or BMR for short is key to understand how your body uses what you eat as energy and helps to determine your unique calorie need. Let’s get an understanding of each.

What is your body fat?
 Your body is comprised of three types of fat:

• Structural – necessary to give support to organs.

• Normal – a reserve of fuel, which the body can freely draw upon when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient.

• Excess or stored fat – unwanted, unsightly, and dangerous fat filed with toxins.

What is your lean body mass?
 Lean body mass is comprised of:

* skeleton




What does basal metabolic rate mean?
 The metabolic rate is computed by a formula that takes in consideration your age, height, body weight, and activity level and computes the approximate calorie intake your body requires to function and is used to determine needed daily calorie intake. More advanced technology devices can also measure along with individual basal metabolic rate, intracellular water (the amount of water in your cells) and extra cellular water (the amount of water outside of your cells) both help to  determine your fitness level and other perimeters of overall health.

What does the number on the scale 
really mean and why focus on FAT loss?

As it relates to health and appearance, your weight is not nearly as important as the composition of the weight. The number on your bathroom scale is reading your overall or total weight. Losing weight is easy to accomplish, simply take in fewer calories than what your body burns on any given day and over time you will lose weight. For example, if your body requires 1800 calories and you take in 1600 calories, weight loss will occur. But, there is a real problem if those calories do not have the right amount of nutrients to prevent weight loss from muscle, bone mass or both. How do you know if you are losing fat or muscle, or water, or lean tissue, or the breaking down of your vital organs? The average person doesn’t. I didn’t know!


Here’s another reason to focus on Fat loss vs. Weight loss. See the picture below, it shows three different women with three different total body weights. Which one looks smaller? Yes, the one that weighs the most looks smaller! That’s because she focused on losing fat. It proves that the total weight on the scale can be deciving and a smaller number doesn’t mean a smaller body.


It wasn’t until after I lost over 100 pounds and began a career in nutrition and weight loss did I discover the secrets I disclose in a book titled, The Lean Body Principles: Lose Fat Weight Fast – The Secrets Doctors Didn’t Have Time to Learn. It has eight proven secrets, or rules, that when followed will help you lose FAT and get leaner faster.

I want to share with you something I wrote in my journal more than 10 years ago.

Today started off great until I went shopping at ——. I wanted something new to wear to the 4th of July picnic and as usual it turned out to be a shopping experience from hell. I couldn’t get anyone to help me and nothing fit right. What I wanted to wear they didn’t have it in my size. What they had in my size looked horrible on me and I swear I looked bigger in the mirror than I look at home which made me feel even more disgusted. I hate myself sometimes. After trying on tons of outfits, I decided to get the white pants and the red top. When I looked at myself I thought, Why do I look so old? Why can’t I lose weight? How come every diet I try doesn’t work for me? Then I felt even more depressed. When it came time to pay, the sales lady didn’t even look at me. I notice that a lot. It’s like I’m invisable. To be as big as I am and to be invisible at the same time is the weirdest feeling. It hurts. I wonder if I’m ever going to be the real me again. I don’t want to hurt anymore.”

photo 1

When I weighed over 240 pounds, I think most days I felt like the day I wrote this entry. Of course I was able to cover it up by laughing and smiling on the outside. People didn’t know about my internal voice and thoughts of total despair. But all that turned around. After losing 100 pounds just happened to be in that same store buying a piece of jewelry. There was a long mirror next to the counter and I remember thinking, who is standing next to me, and when I looked, I didn’t know who it was. I know this sounds strange, but I had come accustomed to avoiding mirrors so much so, that I didn’t recognize the person who was looking back at me. It was me! And I was beautiful!

photo 2

I’ll always remember that day. After losing the weight, people would ask me how I did it. It was a process that couldn’t be summed up in a sentence. I thought perhaps other people who struggle with their weight may feel like I did. For this reason I decided to share all the details in a book titled, Fat Chick to Cover Model which I sell modestly on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Book

However, The Lean Body Principles goes deeper and includes what I learned after working in the medical weight loss field and after successfully coaching hundreds of people.

When I worked with my nutrition patients, I used this information and information from their health history along with their desired fitness and ideal body size goals to customize a plan for them. No cookie-cutter diet like all the diets we find in the book stores. I felt they deserved something personalized and something that was not NOT a diet, and you deserve it too!

Back to your doctor. Please understand, I am not putting down doctors! I worked with some of the most amazing top rated doctors in the medical field. They were highly sought after with 5 star reviews. Doctors are trained to take care of serious diseases, illnesses and chronic conditions with an emphasis on saving lives. They take over 8,000 hours of medical course work and maybe 1 class on nutrition and metabolism. They didn’t have time to learn about weight loss, I mean FAT LOSS. That’s why the doctors I worked for hired me. Our office was one of the only medical practices that had on staff their own weight loss coach and nutrition specialist.

It’s time that people learn the truth about weight loss and to finally learn what it takes to win!

My book, The Lean Body Principles will be on Amazon in 30 more days! What can you do until then? Here’s 3 things you can do now!

1. Follow this blog to for fat loss tips, recipes, and ways to get started now!

2. If you don’t want to wait until the book comes out, get started with me one-one-one for personal coaching!

3. Share this information with your friends to get referral ‘perks’ like free coaching sessions and selected products!

I love the popular quote:

The 3 C’s of Life:

Choices, Chance, Change.

You must make a choice to take a chance if you want anything to change.

If must admit, I use to hate change! But, I realized that embracing change opens doors to new opportunities, new experiences, and new levels of growth that can do many things to improve every area of your life. I knew if I wanted to have a thin, lean, fit, and healthy body, I had to change my thinking and take a different approach than the one most traveled. I left all the diet books on the shelves at the book store and decided to stop going to the ‘diet circus’ of jumping through hoops and never getting anywhere. I sought after a mentor to help me. I became a student again with an open mind and a humble heart ready to learn and apply new insights. I’ve learned to embrace change as something needed for my expansion.

I’m confident that you will learn and expand as well through implementing the principles in the book, coming on-board with personalized coaching, following my blogs and up-coming podcasts, or for liking my Facebook page.

Feel free to leave comments and if you have questions, please email me.  I promise to answer them.

I am available for consulting, personal training and professional speaking. GO to my WEB SITE  and contact me now!

photo 4

Until next time….

Keep it LEAN!

Love and Hugs,

Coach Kam












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